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Smoking Effects And Solutions To People Who Are Chain Smokers

Smoking is injurious to health. This is a very well known fact to all and yet there are many who are addicted to smoking.  In the society today there is no time to relax and sit down in the couch for some time. Everyone is running around from the day till the dawn.  So smoking becomes an excuse for them to relax in between the work, after the meals and also at home. In the whole tough and restless day smoking could only give them the relaxation that they want. This is the time when they just don’t do anything else but “blow the smoke in the air”. Now the question is when people get such a wonderful feeling after smoking and feel free of stress and tension, why is it considered to be bad? The answer is well known to all! The tobacco and the other chemicals in the cigarette are bad for health. You can find the smoking effects and solutions.  It affects the health of a person and sometimes leads to cancer which is a very critical disease. Obviously this is the reason that smoking is bad and people should not fall into the trap.

The Only Motivation For A Person To Quit Smoking

Smoking causes disastrous effects to the organs of the human. It is the primary cause of lung cancer. This not only causes harm to the person who is smoking but also to the person who are around in that area. Apart from lung cancer it also causes many other types of cancer and also leads to diseases of heart and lungs. It causes stroke and cataracts and also leads to blood vessel diseases and breathing problems. This is a slow poison and kills the person. The person gets addicted to smoking over the period of time. The only solution to this is to quit smoking and for this you have to be prepared emotionally and mentally. You can try other electronic cigarettes as an alternate to smoking. These are better than the cigarettes. Nevertheless, being healthier and free of addiction is the best feeling and this could be the only motivation for a person to quit smoking.
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