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The Emu Oil Cream – moisturizing eye cream

Sometimes the topic of cosmetics from the mass market is raised in blogs: is it worth overpaying for a suite (beautiful packaging, pleasant fragrances), when you can find the same thing, but it is cheaper several times. Especially a lot of copies are broken about varnishes, they say, trademarks will always be a head taller than luxe varnishes.

In these disputes, I always take a neutral position: let everyone choose what he likes. As they say, to whom is a watermelon, and to whom is a pig cartilage. Any choice is the place to be, and it is impossible to use only one luxury cosmetics. There will always be simple basic things for which overpaying is simply unwise, for example: nail polish remover, cotton pads and matting wipes, hand-foot and body creams, shampoos and hair balms, shower gels and soap. In the end, we all count money, especially earned by our own labor.

A completely different aspect in support of luxury cosmetics for me is that the risk of frustration and allergies is much less than from cheap.

Not the last thing to do and reviews of cosmetics, which we (hehe) enthusiastically read. Of course, before you buy something, it is useful to know someone else’s opinion, at least about cosmetics, at least about household appliances or cars.

In general, the spirit of the experimenter led me not so much to the means from the mass market, but to the no-name brand from Australia Emu Oil.

My impressions: Emu Oil cream of uniform consistency, white, without shiny particles. It has almost no smell, only if you smell it carefully. The texture is not thick-oily, but quite light. It is absorbed quickly, immediately visibly moisturizes the skin under the eyes. Leaves a little stickiness, but the film is not felt. What I liked very much in this cream: the concealer and the base are well placed on it under the shadows, not at all rolling down, even if the cream is applied very generously.

When used overnight, it can lead to a little swelling (but my eyes are very prone to swelling, swelling from any cream, so nothing surprising).

During the month of use, the skin under the eyes became smoother, the fine mesh of wrinkles was less pronounced, and one large emerging fold under the left eye completely leveled.

By and large, I’m satisfied with The Emu Oil Cream – it performs everything that it claims. And if I had him slipped in a jar of expensive luxury cream for a few thousand rubles, I would have praised him as well.