Diamond CBD Vape Pods VS Juul Pods

A large percentage of the more than one billion cigarette smokers in the world are looking for cleaner, healthier alternatives in the market. Juul -a growing vape company based in California- decided to put together a group of expert scientists, engineers, designers and business professionals to come up with an easy-to-use device that can be taken wherever you go and does not produce smoke or ashes.

With an increasing number of places banning smoking in the United States and around the world, solutions such as the Juul Pods are a great alternative. These devices can be recharged completely in less than one hour using any USB port. As they meet all the relevant international safety standards, their usage is safe and does involve the fire hazard of traditional cigarettes.

While nicotine-based vape cartridges are available at Juul’s website, those who are interested in CBD solutions must look for external suppliers. For these customers, Diamond CBD provides CBD Juul Pods filled with cannabidiol E-Liquid which are compatible with these innovative devices.

CBD Vape Cartridges: Clean, Convenient and Effective.

For those CBD consumers who don’t enjoy the taste of raw hemp tinctures, vapes are the way to go. As cannabidiol is readily absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream, its effects can be felt almost immediately. This is by far the most effective way to take in the beneficial properties of CBD, as vapes usually have higher levels of bioavailability than edibles, sublingual oils or ointments.

However, many CBD companies offer only E-Liquids for refillable pens, which are messy and not as practical as pre-filled cartridges. Users must mix these tinctures with carrier oils and then fill their vape devices, making the whole process tedious and time-consuming. Pre-filled pods contain a precise amount of liquid and therefore a specific concentration of CBD, making it easy for users to measure their desired dose each time.  It is as simple as plugging these cartridges to any compatible battery kit and start vaping right away.

One of the companies offering CBD Vape Pods is Diamond CBD. Their pre-filled cartridges contain 100 milligrams of pure cannabidiol and can be ordered in a wide range of different flavors. The e-liquid inside these pods is made from 100% industrial hemp grown organically in the United States and carefully selected to include not only CBD but also several natural terpenes which aid in health conditions such as headaches, anxiety and joint pains.

Whenever you decide to buy a CBD cartridge, one of the first things you must consider is their compatibility. The last thing you want is to get your cannabidiol pre-filled pod and realize that it doesn’t fit your vape device or battery kit. In the case of Diamond CBD, their vape cartridges can be used not only with Juul Vape Pens, but also with other vaporizers available in the market.

A Wide Range of Flavors to Choose From

Let’s face it: while cannabidiol and hemp tinctures contain a surprising amount of beneficial properties and are effective in dealing with several ailments in an almost immediate way, their natural taste is rather bitter and strong. With traditional e-liquids for refillable pens, users must buy flavored carrier oils and mix them with the CBD extract before they start vaping. Diamond CBD makes the whole process much easier, as their pre-filled CBDPods come in four different flavors you can choose from.

Whether you prefer Mango, Watermelon, Strawberry or Blueberry, this Florida-based company has got you covered. One of their best-selling products -the Watermelon CBD Vape Pods– contain not only 100 milligrams of pure cannabidiol, but also a delicious tropical flavoring that will remind you of those sunny days at the beach.

Diamond CBD’s four flavors are formulated by experts in the field, replicating the taste of fruits with an amazing result. The bitter taste of raw hemp is completely unnoticeable, as the taste of tropical fruits is strong, sweet and delicious.

Safety Above All: Quality Standards and Laboratory Tests.

Before you decide to buy your pre-filled cartridge (or any CBD product), it is important that you do some research on the company’s extraction methods, quality control systems and certifications. Many companies include dubious ingredients that can -at best- ruin the effects of cannabidiol or even be the cause of health issues when consumed regularly. Diamond CBD conducts third-party laboratory tests on all batches leaving their facility, ensuring that all their products are not only legal and compliant with the relevant regulations, but also safe to use and free of harmful chemicals.

A high-quality CBD product begins with the hemp plant, which must be grown under controlled conditions and without pesticides. Non-GMO certifications ensure that these plants have not been genetically modified, so it is nature that does all the job. Furthermore, the best companies in the market are known for carrying out third-party laboratory tests on all products. This is the only way to confirm that their concentrations of THC remain below the 0.3% federal limit, as well as ensuring that the product does not contain chemicals which are banned or unhealthy.

Diamond CBD’s website contains entire pages and sections dedicated to explaining to the finest detail the company’s processes and quality standards. This transparency is what makes it one of the most recommendable places to purchase your cannabidiol product.

What is a Good Price for a CBD Pod?

First of all, it is important to consider that vaping by itself is a long-term investment. Devices such as the Juul Vape Pen are relatively more expensive than other vaporizers, buy their high-quality makes them last longer and therefore they are worth the initial price difference.

Once you have got your vape pen, it is time to purchase the CBD pods. Diamond CBD’s flavored cannabidiol cartridges come at a price range between $14 and $20. This low price illustrates why the initial investment of the battery kit is worth it on the long run, as you will be enjoying the highest-quality CBD for just $0.14 to $0.20 per milligram.

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